Latest Dating Dish
Justin is single and ready to mingle! He will date any girl he falls in love with...famous or not
Major Appearances (TV/Music/Movies)
Justin was last seen on mmva s in canada he won 3 awards :)
Celeb Connections
  • Justin is good friends with Usher who helped make him who he is today when they met in Atlanta.
  • Justin has worked with Tricky [Stewart], The-Dream, Bryan Michael Cox, Johnta Austin, The Movement, The Clutch, and a bunch of other great producers.hes on def jams record
  • Justin is good friends with Taylor Swift
  • Random Facts
  • His first song he wrote was "Common Denominator"
  • Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube.
  • Racked up over 32,000,000 YouTube views purely from word of mouth
  • Has 263,940YouTube subscribers(23/10/09)
  • Best friends name is Ryan Butler (He's in JB's One Time music video)
  • Plays drums, guitar, piano, keyboard, and trumpet.
  • His full name is Justin Drew Bieber.
  • Has been playing the drums since he was 2
  • Has been playing the trumpet since 7th grade
  • Justin Bieber is a dedicated Christian and used to sing in his church when he was younger.
  • Has a scar under his right eye from when a branch hit him in the face while hiking with friends
  • Has a half brother called Jaxon
  • Has a half-sister named Jazmyn
  • Has a dog named Sam
  • Favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs
  • Favorite movies are the Rocky Series
  • He knows how to Moonwalk
  • His favorite color isPurple
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  • Facebook -
  • YouTube - (YouTube Name - kidrauhl)
  • Was goner be called Alex
What Makes This Star Worship Worthy
  • We love Justin because he's just a down to earth normal guy who loves music. He writes great songs and he's very cute too!
  • He's so cute! And a totally normal guy. He's not just a star!
  • Great singer!
  • totally down to earth + cute+ talented + awesome
  • Justin is so sweet and adorable
  • His voice and personality <3
  • Sooooo FINE!(:
  • ADORABLE!!! did i say u are hot
  • So Nice to his fans!
Awesomest Quotes
  • I'm single and ready to mingle
  • I can take on all three jonas brothers...I'm i beast
  • chuck norris is a beast